K.W. Smith & Son, Inc. | About Us
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About Us

We’ve been around for 25 years serving YOU, that’s what we do best.

We have a rich history serving the DC Metro/Capitol Region, supporting all things heating and air conditioning repair. We offer great maintenance packages, as well as emergency services for all your HVAC repair concerns.


About Us
We’ve been around over 25 years as a small business dedicated to all HVAC-related issues in the Northern, VA / D.C. Metro Area. We still hold the same fundamentals as we did when we first started, which is putting the customer first and delivering HVAC service at affordable rates.



Our Mission
Our mission is simply to provide highest quality HVAC service at an affordable price. Other companies try to find the great divide between both, but KW Smith & Son has been practitioners of the trade over 25 years.


Our Philosophy
We have succeeded as a business because of our philosophy. We believe that the experience each customer has with our company should redefine and set the standard for what people expect when receiving HVAC service.



Our Services
The experience received from our company staff and our technicians is designed to give you a clear picture of what the issue is, the options available to fix it, and resolution to your HVAC issues.


Our Commitment
Our commitment is to the Northern Virginia / D.C. Metro area as a premier source for HVAC service. We have expanded our capabilities to include broad-approaching maintenance programs, as well as emergency services for immediate service needs.


100% Independent
Other HVAC companies might be owned by great parent companies. KW Smith & Son continues to stay 100% independent and family owned to provide that high-level of quality and service to each customer throughout our service areas.